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GreekBill is a service my chapter finds priceless. They make it so much easier on the treasurer and the chapter as a whole in collecting dues. We have found the staff to be amazing as they always respond instantly whenever there is a question.

Because of GreekBill our collections have soared to 99%. The online tools and exceptional customer service is the reason for our financial success today.

Since our chapter started using the GreekBill Lite services, almost all sisters are paying and paying on time. I have actually had sisters remark, “for the first time, paying dues was no big deal.” As treasurer, the piece of mind, organization tools, and quick reports are well worth the small fee. The GreekBill Lite service is perfect for our smaller chapter as we can tailor the services to our needs and habits.

Greek Bill is a very well rounded fraternity management system that allows the officers and general members to hold the other accountable for the finances of the chapter. It gives everyone in the chapter the most current information thus eliminating the stress that comes with not knowing the most important data. As an officer whose chapter recently implemented GreekBill I am seeing the transformation of an organization from one with low morale to one with high morale because we HAVE MONEY now that members are being responsible and paying. Before we were collecting around a pathetic 60% and I now project a collection rate of at least 95%. GreekBill holds everyone accountable for the money they are required to pay, so that the fraternity can exist. Any chance I get I recommend GB especially to chapters that are having financial problems. Thanks GreekBill!

GreekBill has proven to be a much more efficient way of collecting bills. Plus I am no longer the “bad guy” in the house.

GreekBill allows for the simplification of the collection process for all Greek houses by allowing 24 hour access via their website and employing an office staff that is just as user friendly as their website. GreekBill has simplified our collection process and has decreased our bad debt revenue greatly.

Collecting money is easier and quicker than ever!

GREEKBILL’S outstanding customer service and attention to detail has not only made my job easier it has raised our chapter’s collections by more than 20%.

GreekBill has given Delta Gamma women the opportunity to be leaders in the financial accounting practices of the Greek world with their innovative online financial accounting program. We look forward to the heights we will be reaching financially with this program and this amazing technology. GreekBill gives our VPs of Finance the power to amaze themselves…and with that, the power to amaze us.