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"GreekBill is a service my chapter finds priceless. They make it so much easier on the treasurer and the chapter as a whole in collecting dues. We have found the staff to be amazing as they always respond instantly whenever there is a question."

Jared Frank, Treasurer
Kappa Sigma

is on the uniqueness of your chapter. GreekBill's proprietary software is      engineered with a flexible front-end application allowing a fully configurable solution tailored to your billing      processes. The GreekBill application was developed with the idea that a chapter should not be limited or      forced to alter the schedule it needs to bill its members. Instead, we are able to adapt to your chapter's      unique needs and customize our system so that the perfect fit can be accomplished.

     Our Full Service offers it all! This popular service includes monthly billing, collection calls/letters, online      payment options, budget builder, financial reports, electronic contracts, an alumni donation page and      more. GreekBill's Full Service chapter representatives handle all billing questions and parent/member      calls so the treasurer can spend more time managing the budget and less time worrying about the chapter's      finances.

     If your chapter is like many small to mid-sized chapters and has outgrown its existing in-house billing and      collection system, then GreekBill Lite is right for you! Lite provides a basic service to allow your chapter a      more organized and simplified means of collections. Lite chapters have access to our online services      such as electronic statements, contracts, e-bill reminders and collection calls. Lite is perfect for chapters and      colonies seeking a cost effective and electronic financial management system.

     Our Full Service and Lite Service pricing are flat rates per member per semester. Please contact GreekBill for      more pricing information.

# of invoices paper invoices mailed to each chapter member Up to 12 per year Not offered
Electronic statement (PDF Format) Up to 12 per year Up to 12 per year
Late statement sent 2 per year Not offered
E-Bill reminder (Content in Body of Email) Unlimited Unlimited
Collection call 2 per year 2 per year
Collection Letter 2 per year Not offered
Members have 24-hour access to accounts via internet Yes Yes
Real-time financial reports accessible via internet Yes Yes
Credit card and electronic check processing Yes Yes
Toll free access to chapter representative for treasurer questions Yes Yes
Toll free access to chapter representative for member/parent questions Yes Not offered
Electronic contracts Yes Yes
Online alumni donations page Yes Not offered
Event/Point Tracker Yes Yes
Budget Builder * Yes Additional Cost
Budget tracker and accounting reports * Additional Cost Additional Cost

     Check out our GreekBill Services FAQ page to get more detailed answers to common questions.
     You can also visit our Get a Quote/Request More Info page to ask a question about our services or
     request an information packet.